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Crystals to Fire Up Your Confidence!

Using crystals can help you fire up confidence and show the world who the real Queen B is! You simply can not feel like a boss everyday. Pairing crystals with tarot cards can be even more powerful to reinforce affirmations. For example, if you looking for strength pair Tiger’s Eye with The Strength Card. If you wanna boost that third-eye intuition, place an amethyst on your forehead. Crystals can be used in so many ways, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Below are some crystals, along with some awesome tips you can use to level up on your confidence and slay! Always cleanse and charge your crystals before use. Working with a dirty crystal can have negative vibes attached to it and will lead to some undesired results. 

Crystal Magick Hack

Pro Witch Tip

To amplify energy, charge crystals during the full moon. Moon phases have a huge impact on crystal workings.

Looking for something more advanced? Timing can be everything. To attract, the moon should be in a zodiac sign that is in line with your needs. To deflect, the moon should be totally Void of Course (VOC). VOC is when the moon is in between zodiac signs at the moment. Use our Moon Void of Course Calendar to find the right time that works for you. 

Tip: Looking for love? Charging your crystals during a full moon in Libra can be super powerful. Just make sure you are specific about the type of bae you wanna attract. Wanna get Want to get rid of a habit? Working while the moon is waning is the best time to kick any vice. 

Wanna Feel Sexy?

Crystals to Fire Up Your Confidence!


1. Carnelian

Associated with the sacral chakra; this crystal is best known to help boost pleasure and passion.  Use this crystal if you are in a current relationship to help keep the fire alive. If you not feeling so sexy place this crystal on the lower belly to help get your desire back in shape. Ritual Tip: This crystal can best be paired with The Lovers, Three of cups, and Ten of Cups, during a full moon/waxing in Scorpio or Libra.

Got Haters?

Crystals to Fire Up Your Confidence!


2. Blood-stone

Blood-stone is a protective stone, that draws up negative energy from the environment. This stone is perfect for toxic work environments. Sadly, there will always be someone to keep you down, overcome this by wearing this stone in jewelry form. It’ll provide you the protection you need and shake the haters off. Ritual Tip: Pair this stone with the Eight of Wands, the Five of Swords, or the Strength card during  a waxing/waning moon in Virgo or Capricorn.

Intense Convo Coming Up?


3. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the best stone for courage. This crystal gives calming vibes, while you stand strong in what you believe in. Carry these crystals with you when you feel like you need help calming down before entering an intense situation. This stone is also great in clearing the mind so you can think smart before making a difficult decision. Ritual Tip: Compliment this stone with the Queen of Swords, The Two of Swords, and The Judgement card during a dark/new moon in Leo or Gemini.