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Daily Tarot Readings & Why You’ll Want One

Think of daily tarot readings as another form of meditation. Many successful people start each day off with meditating and visualizing what they plan for the day. As a result, people are more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment. Daily readings with tarot cards can personalize your day. Not only are you preparing yourself for the day ahead, you’re bonding with your cards. Creating a strong relationship with your cards makes your readings more accurate as you become comfortable using them. What time of day to do your readings is up to you. Therefore, use this time to focus on what you want. Here you will find two types of spreads that work perfect for every day readings.


Empress card by Ilona Radomska

1. One Card Spread:

The one card spread is perfect for when you want a quick outlook at what the day will bring. Pay attention to what type of cards you’re pulling. For instance, is your deck throwing a Major Arcana (arcana, means secrets) card at you? These represent outside sources beyond your control. Are you going through problems at work? Are you having relationship issues? What big life changes are happening around you? The Minor Arcana are just as important because they symbolize details of everyday life. The four different suits are connected to money (pentacles), relationships (cups), career (wands), and conflict (swords).



3 Card Spread By Ilona Radomska


2. Three Card Spread:

This spread is going deeper into what lies ahead. The first card you pull will be what the day will bring. This card sets the whole focus of the day. The second card is all about how you are feeling with that specific situation. What emotions are being brought up? Most importantly, the third card is your action, and can represent details to be mindful of. What are you going to do today to better or fix your situation? Your actions are what impact your life.

Each spread is simple and takes minimal time, but sets you up for your day in a big way! Daily readings are an alternative way to meditate and plan ahead, so you can start out with mindful intentions. Single card spreads get right to the point, but if you need more details, 3 cards spreads are perfect for revealing all sides to the story. Get comfy with your cards, they may have a lot to say!


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Kawaii Tarot by Diana Lopez

Eight Coins’ Tattoo Tarot by Lana Zellner