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Lunar Phases: Your Guide to Casting Spells Like a Pro!

Lunar phases are a big part of any ritual working! The moon circles the earth every 27 days and goes through eight different phases. The moon is emotional, deep, and unlocks the subconscious mind. Spiritual projects performed during the appropriate lunar phase can have awesome results, especially during a super moon or lunar eclipse.

Looking for something more advanced? Match your intentions with lunar signs; you only need a little planning and a Lunar Calendar. Also, keep track of dates and lunar phases you can use for later to see what worked and what didn’t.

Keep in mind, rituals performed during a lunar void will not work. Find out more at, Moon Void of Course: What it is and How it affects Spells. Checkout my Moon Void of Course Calendar to plan your ritual. Here is your guide to the eight lunar phases of the moon and how you can make it work for your spiritual projects.

Starting a New Project?

New Moon

1. New Moon

The New Moon is perfect for planting the seeds of manifestation, Making plans, and getting organized. Here you can start something new with a clean slate.

Take Action & Grow

Crescent Moon

2. Crescent, First Quarter, & Waxing Moon

This lunar period is the perfect time for growth, so take action towards your goals! If you have been working towards a long-term project, this phase can be used to build a stronger foundation. In addition, use this time to focus on self-improvement and get organized. Focus on the desires you want to pursue and push forward. Dreams are supported by this lunar phase, embrace the good vibes. 

Level Up!

Full Moon

3. Full Moon

Big and bright, this is the time the moon illuminates to its full potential. The full moon is all about completion, this is the time to bring desires into full manifestation. Here you can amplify your rituals and increase momentum. Full moon energy will complete long-term rituals, increase the intensity of spells or bring situations to an end. Use this period to charge and cleanse crystals. See How to Cleanse Your Crystals the Easy Way.


Cut it Loose

Waning Moon

4. Waning & Last Quarter Moon

As the moon slowly disappears, so should your drama. Get rid of what’s not working for you! This is an awesome time to destroy obstacles and tie up loose ends. Write down obstacles and perform a cleansing.


Dark Moon

5. Dark Moon

The sky will appear black at this time And the moon will be out of sight. During the Dark moon, you should rest and reflect on what you want for the future. This is a good time for meditation, tarot readings, and self-love rituals. If needed, use this time as a last-minute effort to remove negative vibes and prepare for the New Moon.

Lunar Magick Hack

The practice of Drawing Down the Moon(DDM), is perfect for the New and Full Moon phase. The ritual consist of drawing in the energy of the moon to enhance your spiritual vibrations. This meditation is serious, performed in private or with a group of trusted friends, and offers deep and reflective energy. Be prepared to let go of anything that holds you back from your path.