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Mirror Magick: Use the Mirror to manifest Goals!

You see yourself in the mirror everyday. So get to know your star player! While there are many ways mirrors can be used in magic, this guide is solely focused on supercharging your manifest game. This method is so easy and powerful you’ll wonder why you never talked to yourself in the mirror before!


Getting Started

How this works is simple and only takes a few minutes out of your daily hustle. To clarify, you will need a mirror(preferably full size but bathroom mirror will do), yourself and good vibes.

  • Stand or sit in front of the mirror comfortably with your back straight (good posture)
  • Clear your mind
  • Lock eyes with yourself
  • Speak your intent for manifestation(can be aloud or internally)



Furthermore, it’s important that you keep it 100 about what you are receiving while holding eye contact. Now imagine yourself going from someone basic to straight fire! Here are some affirmations to further demonstrate if you’re still unsure how to go about this. As you get familiar with your intent and yourself, personalize it.

Example: “I am the G.O.A.T! I am an abundant spiritual queen being! I am working my dream job! I radiate bliss and positivity!”


From Basic to Confident!

As a result of doing mirror magic you are now woke and calling to action what you will. For instance, first time I did this I envisioned driving in a new car as if I had it while speaking my intent. I didn’t get a Lambo but a fairly new Corolla nonetheless, so, #stay humble. Experiences doing this may differ because we are all unique so don’t throw shade. Just keep at it and be your best self!