Natal Charts: What they are & Why you’ll Want One

Natal Charts are personal life horoscopes that describe your personality traits and life events. Natal charts are special because they are specific to each person, think of it as a cosmic fingerprint. Details, like birthplace and time, set up the specific positions of a natal chart and can be used to plan and predict all areas of life. The time and place of birth improve the accuracy of natal charts and can be used throughout your entire life.

Common horoscopes are calculated astrology charts for a specific time and place but won’t include personal info, so readings are usually general. Natal Charts include all the details of your personal life and you can use them every day to predict matters like love or career changes.  Below you’ll find out more about what a Natal chart is, why you’ll want one, and best of all, where to get one. Also included, are some boss ways to use the chart so you can take charge of your life.



What a Natal Chart is …and isn’t.

Natal charts are personalized and paint a portrait of your personality. Charts will reveal lovers, habits, success, and more. These charts can even reveal personal details like life trauma and roadblocks. Cosmic profiles share everything from dreams to heartbreaks. A birth chart is different from the everyday horoscope you read online but it’s still a horoscope. Every day horoscopes are interpretations of planetary movements going through the signs and houses. They offer some insight but have no relation to your personal cosmic profile, so they can sometimes be a little random.



Get Accurate Horoscope Readings!

The exact time and place of birth can reveal many secrets about a cosmic profile. For instance, planets placed in certain signs show if you are most likely to get married or even have children. Natal Charts are excellent for predicting life decisions like, when to start a business or when to end a relationship. If you don’t know what time you were born, don’ t worry! There are still many areas of the chart that will give you insight, so use what you have. Interpretations will leave you a little shook as you become more familiar with your chart but nothing is set in stone as the future can always change.



Where to Get Your Personal Natal Chart:

Finding a place to get a natal chart is super easy, there are so many places and options! Firstly, you can always hire an astrologist to calculate your birthday and receive a face-to-face reading. This is a common practice among celebrities and politicians, but it’s a little pricey. Using a personal astrologist is great, but if you don’t have that kind of coin, it could be a little challenging.

Next, you can also grab a natal chart here, with Astral Daily! For a limited time, we are offering FREE natal charts! Discover quick and to the point interpretations that empower you in everyday life.

Finally, Google features tons of astrology sites that offer free natal charts. Check out: Cafe Astrology and Astrotheme. Just keep in mind, there will be a lot of reading with these self-acquired charts. Most chart readings are super long but very accurate so, it’s worth the read!

Natal Charts make great personal horoscopes that can empower you, showing areas of needed change and success. Keep an open mind as you explore the soul of your natal chart and take control of your life like you never thought possible!