Numerology: How to Make Numbers Work for Your Spells

This post features Numerology and how to make numbers work for your spells. Numbers have been used in spells for thousands of years for specific intentions. From using a specific number of charms to reciting a spell for certain number of times, the practice of incorporating numbers into ritual work is super crafty. I have featured Numerology in this guide thats matched with specific intentions in magick; based on a mixture of tarot, astrology and folk expressions. This guide will give you some great suggestions on numerology and how to make numbers work for your spells. You’ll also find some great suggestions for how to use each number in your own spells!

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Numerology: How to Make Numbers Work for Your Spells

whats your intention?

Using numbers with rituals can help reinforce intentions, making spells more powerful. But, there is no specific rule for numbers, as many cultures feature various meanings for each number. At the end of the day, intuition rules the craft and it’s best to go with a number you feel most connected to.


Numerology: How to Make Numbers Work for Your Spells



Determined and independent, the No. 1 can be used in spells to influence creativity when starting something new. This energy is always consistently moving forward, brave and fearless, taking control with a jealous energy. It is the warrior at heart, with a lack of emotion. Not very much creativity with this number; work is the main focus here. This energy will push towards goals and use any resources needed for the end result. Ritual Tip: Use this number when you are looking to achieve a goal or create a project on your own.



Numerology: How to Make Numbers Work for Your Spells



The No. 2 embodies balance, with the ability to juggle multiple tasks. This number offers abundance through resilience and hard work. Use this number when you are choosing between two paths or choices. Ritual Tip: When the struggle gets real, use two to harmonize and find partnership in your goals. It can also be used for romantic partnerships.

Numerology: How to Make Numbers Work for Your Spells



For centuries, the No. 3 has been as powerful as a lucky charm and acts as a powerful boost for spells. “The power of three times three” and so on, provides a triple threat for magick, as it invokes creative power and success. Ritual Tip: Use when you need to find a positive situation for all parties involved, or are seeking the support of friends and family. Also a great number for communication and sending messages.



Stable and well-organized, the No. 4 offers balance and the ability to adult like a BOSS. If you are trying to take charge and gain more structure in life, this is the number to work with. Ritual Tip: Utilize this number for building a new business or starting a new career path.


Numerology: How to Make Numbers Work for Your Spells



Use when you need insight about conflict or change. Feature the No. 5 in spells when you are reliving the same old crap. Five will break up the boredom of life, and offer adventure and new experiences. This number embodies leadership qualities and may influence you to venture out on your own. Ritual Tip: Use this number in spells when you are ready to take a trip or meet someone new.


Numerology: How to Make Numbers Work for Your Spells


The No. six evokes financial abundance and generosity. Use six when you are looking for financial support from or to build on your current financial situation. Ritual Tip: This is also great for employment spells, since a job has everything to do with making money.




The lucky No. 7 is highly intuitive and spiritual. This number makes a great compliment to psychic and manifestation spells. Seven also influences beauty and  love. Ritual Tip: Use in love spells when you are looking to increase self- love and spiritual awareness. Can also be used to catch lies, putting shady behavior on blast.




After hard work, we can usually expect wealth and success, which is exactly what the No. 8 offers. This number can be used in rituals to improve business production and finances. Eight also has many leadership qualities, and is perfect for spells to gain confidence and popularity. Ritual Tip: Use this number when it’s time to snatch the crown and move up in the world.




No. 9 signifies the end of the damn road. You are so done or at least well on your way. Use in spells when you can’t even anymore and are ready to cut ties with a situation or person. This number is very powerful and truly will end a situation. Ritual Tip: Perfect for spells to end relationships with ex’s, move on from old jobs and break bad habits.




Time for a fresh start! Ten will bring you a new beginning and a clean slate. Is also a very ambitious and independent number, and will influence you to overcome. Ritual Tip: Use in spells when you are ready to wrap something up, start a new project, or receive something over due.