Start New Beginnings With These Ass-Kicking Crystals!

Crystals can help you start some ass-kicking new beginnings! There are times in life when we need to let go and move on. Whether you find yourself leaving a career or breaking up with bae, crystals can help manifest new a start.  Out with the old and in with the new, now is the time to embrace a different  mindset! New beginnings are necessary for growth and mental wellness, so put your crystals to work.  In this post, I picked out three essential crystals to help guide you through any new journey.

Crystal Hack

Cleanse your crystals! Working with a dirty crystal does absolutely nothing for you. Be sure to cleanse any crystal you are working with, before and after your meditative work. See How to Cleanse Your Crystals the Easy Way.


Start New Beginnings With These Ass-Kicking Crystals!

Smoky Quartz

1. Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is all about clearing out old energy, but has the ability to amplify vibes. After all, it’s quartz. While using this crystal, focus on
breaking down emotional hangups or mental roadblocks. Focus on what changes you want in life and how to achieve your goals. What are you looking for in this next chapter of life?


Start New Beginnings With These Ass-Kicking Crystals!


2. Obsidian

When wanting to start something new it’s important to set a foundation with grounding, grounding helps pull your head out of the clouds and deal with reality. Obsidian is connected to the earth and is extremely powerful. Use this crystal to ground your self and connect back to real life.


Start New Beginnings With These Ass-Kicking Crystals!


3. Pyrite

This mineral screams empowerment and influences assertive vibes, it can provide you with confidence when life is most chaotic. Pyrite takes overwhelming energy and turns it into drive that you can use to better your circumstances. Let this special rock bring success to your new start.