Super Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Here you will learn super easy ways to cleanse your crystals. Crystal cleansing is a non-negotiable labor of love, and is a ritual in its own rite. Once you get into the world of crystal you become an addict; you will collect every rock and gem you can find until you run out of counter space. I have a mass collection of crystals at home, so this chore is annoying and usually has to be planned days ahead. I don’t have time to make a big ritual out of my cleaning process, so, sticking to 3 really powerful elements works for me. Of course, please make sure you are cleaning your minerals. Rocks carry and absorb energy; not all of it is positive. Using simple resources like incense, moonlight, and power crystals make the cleaning process super easy and cuts time in half. Here are my top 3 super easy ways to cleanse your crystals.

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Super Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

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Each tool on the list connects to a different element that will glow up important area’s of your life.



1. Power Crystals

Power crystals are like batteries and have a strong vibrational influence. Mineral’s like, selenite, smokey quartz and citrine are great for clearing negative vibes off of your new rocks.




2. Moonlight

The moon has 8 different phases and can offer awesome spiritual growth or clearing. Plan your cleansing ritual out to get the best vibes the moon has to offer. The moon is tied to the element of water and can grow or clear out emotions.  Moonlight is one of the easiest methods to cleanse anything! Regardless of lunar cycle, place them outside or on a windowsill for the best vibe you can invoke. To Amplify crystals, cleanse during a full moon and experience a super-charge of energy. See Lunar Phases: Your Guide to Casting Spells Like a Pro!




3. Smoke

Burning herbs or incense clears away unwanted vibes and attachments, and can be performed anytime. Cedar, Sage, and Frankincense influence high vibrations and will get you in a great state of mind to clear out old vibes. Also, Incense will clear a path for better communication. Pass the crystal over the smoke until you feel intuitively that it has been cleansed. Be mindful of those around you like children and animals and perform in a well ventilated area.

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Super Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Pro Witch Tip

All crystals are not created equal. Water can destroy some crystals, and may even release toxic elements that could make you sick. Please do your research when working with gems and minerals. Of course, there are plenty of more effective methods but these three should get you started, most importantly; they are harmless to the geological content of your rocks. As you find spiritual uses for your gemstones, keep applying these super easy methods. They will  help to keep your rocks clear and pretty, offering you healing and good vibes throughout your special relationship.