Your Modern Rune Guide: Learn Runes Like a Pro!

Runes are based on the Elder Futhark twenty-four letter alphabet, from pre-Christian Nordic-culture and have been used to divine messages for fortune telling purposes for thousands of years. As with any other medium, using your intuition is strongly encouraged and this practice can be a great compliment to tarot readings!

These divine symbols can be carved into bone, painted on stones, drawn on cardboard or even be store-bought and these are just as special! Each symbol can provide an upright or reversed interpretation, besides the nine runes that share similar features, upright and reversed meanings won’t exist with these specific rune symbols.  Whatever your inner psychic decides, there is no doubt that the medium you choose is best for you, at the end of the day you are connecting with your higher-self, and whatever helps you achieve that is still just as meaningful. Below is your modern guide to Rune symbols and their special interpretations. Happy Casting!


1. Fehu= F; Wealth

You could be coming into some money yo! If you’ve found your-self thirsty, now could be the time for a refreshing drink, But money isn’t everything, and even the richest can feel the loneliest. Asses your mind, body, and spirit health. Do you have everything you need? Have you shown gratitude for what you have? If not, maybe it’s time to reevaluate what’s important before ambitions push you for more.



2. Uruz=U; Strength

Time to be the boss you know you are and go out on your own! You’ve had the strength all along to find yourself, you just needed the chance to do it. Naturally, this will bring a lot of changes around you. You’re calling the shots now and it’s going to ruffle some feathers and turn the tides. Stay true to yourself and disregard the drama. Reflect on past relationships and missed opportunities, where and when did you forget about your-self in the mix.



3. Thurisaz= TH; Frienemies

It’s a great time to take a look around you and reflect on who is for you and who is not. Look deep within and question if your environment is being negatively influenced by those who do not have your back. Do you have that special someone who is always one-upping you, stealing your spotlight, or criticizing you just to prove a point? Is it harming your self-esteem and confidence? If so cut and run! You’ll be much better off in the long-run.


4. Ansuz= A; Communication

Someone could be trying to reach out, the message could be sincere if so, it could be worth your time? On the flip side, this symbol could be a warning of some shady business. Be on the look-out for acts of deceit, most of what you hear could be a flat out lie.


5. Raido= R; Journey

Your going places and this could be a make or break moment. Stay open to positive advice, and think before you leap. You may not be able to control everything around you or even like the outcomes, but the lessons you learn along the way will be better for your long-term spiritual growth and success.


6. Kano= K; Light

There could be a light at the end of the tunnel if you have had a dark period. The struggle is real, and soon will be your time to shine! Reversed this rune could be a sign of obstacles ahead. If the road gets bumpy stay focused on your goals and remember that everything is only temporary.


7. Gebo= G; Love

The symbol of Gebo is a straight-up gift! A serious partnership will soon ensue, be open to the gifts this relationship will bring and stay accepting when it is time for the connection to pass. It’s important to share meaningful connections but you don’t have to sacrifice your individuality. The best part is, there is no flip side to this rune.


8.Wunjo= W; Happiness

The Wunjo is a positive affirmation that all your hard work will soon pay off. Any past failures will be worth it, and any lost relationships will have contributed to your growth. All comes full circle here, so relax and celebrate. Sometimes, it can take a little longer to achieve success and if you are finding this to be true, remember that nothing is gained without sacrifice.


9. Hagalaz= H; Rebel

At times you will find that the only way to initiate change is to rebel. Break yourself free of any insecurities and fear you may be carrying around, as they will only hold you back from progress. Stay true to your dreams as your soul evolves through life’s journey. People constantly make themselves unhappy to give in to the desires of others and here is nothing more rebellious staying self-oriented. You owe nothing to anyone but yourself.



10. Nauthiz= N; Pain

You’re causing your drama and it is deep. This symbol encourages meditation and honesty. Wherever you are at this point was made by choice, but you can certainly turn it around. Do the hard work necessary to improve your situation for the long-term. Soul searching can be a painful process, but what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. You got this!


11. Isa= I; Blocks

Consider this a sign from the universe that what-ever you are trying to accomplish right now is going to take more effort than you’d like. There could be some roadblocks hindering progress for you and it could be for the best. It may not be the right time, place or person. Now is the time for reflection, rebirth, and cleansing. It may not be time to act, but you can still plan. So keep calm and sage on, at least until the right moment comes along.


12. Jera= J; Hard Work

Some serious hard work will be required to reach a positive outcome here. Jera encourages patience and perseverance here. Don’t be discouraged by small disappointments, as they will be part of the journey. The main idea here is to set yourself up for years ahead, and that could take time. Make smart investments, utilize your time wisely and focus on relationships that will help your soul thrive. In otherwise, act like a responsible adult.


13. Eihwaz= E (EI); Resilience

Here you will jump hurdles like an Olympic athlete. Things will come out of nowhere and you will duck and dodge them gracefully. Nevermind the times you fall flat on your face, the point is that you pick yourself up and keep on moving forward. You have the strength to do so and this moment in life will contribute to the inner strength you always had.


14. Perth= P; Let Go

Have you been holding on to old habits, lovers or painful memories? If so now is a great time to let it all go. Here, you will find another opportunity to do a bit of soul searching. Sometimes it can take a lot of contemplation or a little therapy to uncover the hidden sources working against us. If something is outright not serving your higher purpose, it’s time to cut ties and never look back.


15. Algiz= Z; Protection

Do what you can to take control of your health and security. Mind, body, and spirit need some TLC at this time. If emotions have been high, resort to a new workout routine. If you find yourself stressed eating, snack on veggies instead. Immerse yourself in a sound bath and clear your vibes. Now is the time to think about you and protect what you have.


16. Sowelu= S; Energy

You always had it in it, and Sowelu reaffirms it! Perception is reality, so keep thoughts positive. If you don’t have a vision board, start one. It’s time to think highly of yourself, you have the will inside you to succeed and accomplish your goals, all you need to a change in attitude.


17. Teiwaz=T; Warrior

Your battle scars have proven your ability to fight your way through life. Teiwaz shines down on the warrior and reminds you that you can pursue your dreams without apology while carrying the responsibility of life. This symbol signifies the dreamer working two jobs to start that business, the mom staying up late to work on her blog, and the full-time career chaser, putting in long hours for that promotion. You’ve always had this, the warrior rune just affirms it.


18. Berkana= B; Growth

Most things are completely out of your control, at times it will feel like the whole world is against you, but regardless you are always growing and making progress. Clear your mind and fight against negative thoughts, now is the time to explore uncharted territory and go beyond the areas of your life that fear has held you back.


19. Ehwaz= E, Movement

If you have been waiting to take action, now is the time to do it! The changes that will occur from this decision will put you in a more abundant place in your life. Allow intuition to guide, so you’ll know when the time is right. Remember to give back what you have received from others.


20. Mannaz= M; You

Everything starts with you, this rune is a symbol of the self, and how we can be our best cheerleader or worst critic. Never underestimate the power of self-care. Drop everything, get a mani-pedi and do something YOU love, even if it’s just shutting yourself in to watch Netflix all day. Be selfish when it’s appropriate and give love when you feel open to it.


21. Laguz= L; In Your Feelings

Emotions can control so much, from relationships to work performance. Things may feel more stressed than usual and the importance here is to just go with the flow. Use the best emotional intellect you can fake and power through. When tension comes to the forefront, just remember you can’t control everything, so f*** it, Have a drink and go dancing!


22. Inguz= NG; Fresh Start

After all the bullshit, you’re finally getting a clean slate! The drama is over and it’s time for a fresh start. Old relationships, employment, and failures are better left dead. Whip your tears, check off your adulting list and march forward into a new future.


23. Othila= O; Birthright

Receiving inheritances can be bittersweet, but forget about the money for a second! Lot’s of things can be inherited, addiction, disease, old wedding dresses. If you stumble upon forever gifts within your bloodline, consider if you need it. Is this inheritance a sweet heirloom or dead baggage?


24. Dagaz= D; Breakthrough

Your Journey was long, hard and full of ups and downs. You have finally reached success after the harsh trials of life and now is a time for celebration. Take rest during this time, and use it as an opportunity to reflect on the things you did to get here, while you sunbathe in the success and glitter of life.